Mar 272010

A not-so-merry unbirthday

By Stan Heaton

I’m not a purist, especially when it comes to books being made into movies. When Peter Jackson brought The Lord of the Rings trilogy to life on the silver screen, I wasn’t nostalgic for J.R.R. Tolkien’s sporadic poetry—quite the opposite, really. Film was a fantastic medium for those books because a fifty-foot theater screen simply has some powers that books don’t.

On the other hand, Lewis Carroll’s books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, strike a special playful tone that mirrors the exploration of language and youth, something hard to do in film. But even though I love those two books, I didn’t walk into the theater for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with a snobby smirk and bad attitude. Continue reading »

Mar 272010

By Michael Dean Benton

On March 25 the University of Kentucky community will be gathering to honor the career and influence of political philosopher Herb Reid. Coinciding with this event is the release of his new book, co-authored with Betsy Taylor, Recovering the Commons: Democracy, Place and Global Justice (University of Illinois Press, 2010).

Since the mid-70s, much of Reid’s work has revolved around a call for critical intellectuals to engage community and social justice activists’ “realities,” and to understand their challenges to power. In that call is a claim that local knowledge is important for us to consider and that academia, in particular, but also the government and other professions, need to pay attention to the lived experiences of those people in the communities being affected by social, economic and political changes. Continue reading »

Mar 272010

Shootin’ n Snaggin’ with the Frugal Fisherman

There’s an old adage among fishermen: “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” I couldn’t agree more. Being in the outdoors on a sunny day in the fresh air is reward enough. But not catching fish outing after outing gets old, even to the most grizzled of veterans. Such was my case recently. I’d tried several attempts at catching everything from bass and walleye to crappie and bluegill at Lake Herrington, the Kentucky River and Jacobsen Park Lake. I didn’t catch a single fish, nor get a single bite at any of the locations. Continue reading »

Mar 272010

Team falls to Blue Ridge Roller Girls

By Troy Lyle

Asheville, NC

Bollocks! Bullshit!! Bastards!!!

Or better yet, bamboozled.

Take your pick of similar expletives, adjectives or verbs and you’d be dead on in describing the frustration the Rollergirls of Central Bluegrass (ROCK) felt after their last bout. In their own words they were “whipped, disappointed and crushed.” Continue reading »

Mar 272010

Rollergirls of Central Kentucky vs. Blue Ridge Rollergirls

Saturday, March 13 at Asheville Civic Center in North Carolina

ROCK Top Scorer:

Sugar Shock

BRRG Top Scorer:

Skelley Tor

ROCK Most Penalties:

Ellie Slay

BRRG Most Penalties:

Candy Korn


Bitty Bast’rd


Sugar Magmaulya

ROCK’s next bout is this Saturday against Hard Knox (Brawlers) at the Knoxville Convention & Expo Center. Doors open at 6 PM. Tickets $8.

For more information on ROCK go to

Mar 272010

The Triangle Shirtwaist fire, T-Bone Slim, strikes and assassinations

NoC News

On March 25 in 1911, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in NYC killed 146 of the approximately 500 workers there that day. The “factory” was a typical sweatshop of its day, and the death of the workers was taken up by many labor activists as an example of the horrors and inhumanity of industrial production’s commitment to the bottom line—money—at the expense of worker safety.

The fire started on the upper floors of the Ascher building. Workers on these floors were essentially trapped since overseers regularly locked the sweatshop’s exit doors to ensure that nobody stole materials from the factory. Without a way to safety, some workers jumped to their deaths rather than burn. Others pleaded from flaming windows that were located too high for fire department ladders to reach. Continue reading »

Mar 272010

March 18, 2010

The Castlewood Neighborhood Association (CNA) will welcome LFUCG Urban County Council District 1 candidates Chris Ford and Marty Clifford to this month’s meeting to answer questions from you. This will be a potluck dinner—please bring a dish to share with neighbors. The meeting will be held at 6:30 P.M. on Thursday, March 25 at Grace Baptist Church (at the corner of Loudon and Bryan Avenues).

On Monday, March 15, District 1 council member Andrea James held a meeting at HopHop about the condition of the E. Loudon streetscape. Residents interested in working to push repair of the street should contact CNA president Tara Rodriguez by coming to the March 25 meeting or posting a message on CNA’s website ( or Yahoo! group (

Mar 272010

3-layered approach provides direction for growth, sets attainable goals

By Amber Scott

The Legacy Trail, a nine-mile multi-use path connecting the east side of downtown Lexington to the Kentucky Horse Park, received final approval on March 11, which is good news considering the whole thing is supposed to be finished and decorated by September’s World Equestrian Games. Yes, finished and decorated. By September.

It’s the decorated part that’s most interesting to me. Sure, a winding path through Kentucky’s greenspace usually only accessible via drive-by sounds delicious—and will make a bike ride in this town way less life threatening—but the thing that makes this better than just a sidewalk through a prairie is all the decoration. Continue reading »

Mar 182010

Monday March 22, the Swells opening

This Monday marks the anticipated return to Lexington of West-coaster’s Port O’Brien, who will play Cosmic Charlies on a double bill with the Swells.

Port O’Brien splits time between Cambria, California, a small fishing town on the coast, and Kodiak, Alaska, where founding members Van Pierszalowski and Cambria Goodwin spend time working seasonal jobs on a fishing boat (Pierszalowski) and at an on-shore bakery (Goodwin). Currently, the band is on a month-long tour, ending in late March, throughout the eastern half of the United States; from there, they will embark on a European tour for the month of April and a bit of May. Continue reading »