Mar 302011

Comic artist signing new book at Morris

By Danny Mayer

Around NoC headquarters, we simply refer to Kenn Minter as “the professional.” With a full-time staff comprised totally of donated labor, bi-weekly commitments are tough to come by, and deadlines even more rare. Kenn’s contributions to the NoC comics page have remained steady and on deadline since our eighth issue (Aug 2009), when he began showing strips from his ongoing series I’m Not From Here on our back page. Since the beginning of this year, Minter has been contributing a new serial strip, Fierce Company, about a superhero with an excitable nose.

“The thing that makes Kenn professional,” I recall layout editor Keith Halladay explaining to me on many a night our first year in print, “is that he knows his space. With Minter you know you’re gonna get product, and that product is gonna be quality, and that quality is gonna fit in a pre-defined area.” Continue reading »

Mar 272011

Shootin’ n Snaggin’ with the Frugal Fisherman

If there’s a single question that enters every fisherman’s mind at one time or another, it’s when to fish. Should it be early in the morning, just before dusk or somewhere in between? The reality is there’s no easy answer, no wondrous instant when all fish gather to feed.

In fact hundreds of variables affect fish feeding patterns from moment to moment. Everything from weather, to water temperature and clarity, to the season, to fish cover. Even the amount of shade and food available influences when and how fish decide to dine. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

Thursday, March 17

Groove Manifesto with Prometheus and Onward Pilgrim
The Loft; 401 W. Main (in Victorian Square). 10:00 P.M.

You know, you reach a certain age and you get more cantankerous and eccentric, and your body starts to break down, and you start randomly shaking your fist at young people for being, well, young, and then you’re more or less waiting to move to Florida and then the great beyond, and that’s the age I’m fast approaching, which I’m fine with, but what’s annoying about the process isn’t the creaky joints or general confusion but that all my musical touchstones, my points of reference, are all decades old, and nobody knows who the hell I’m talking about when I try to talk to them about music, which is one of the reasons I end up shaking my fist so much. Continue reading »

Mar 162011
Danny Mayer

Backyard garden constructed at author's old home in year 3 of visiting the Lexington Farmer's Market.

Park markets and city hall

By Danny Mayer

I started visiting the Lexington’s Farmer Market (LFM), sporadically, in the second summer after I moved here, 2001. A year later, after returning from a honeymoon in Italy, my wife and I began regularly patronizing the downtown Saturday market, then held on Vine Street. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

Filmmakers document regional organizations and events

By Mary Ashley Burton

The main objective behind the Lexington Film League’s annual Doers contest – combining the storytelling power of film with individuals and groups committed to doing good within their communities – makes for such a natural marriage that it may have Lexingtonians wondering why nothing like this existed in Kentucky before last year.

“The Doers Video contest grew out of a desire to have a contest that paired filmmakers with non-profit organizations and have filmmakers tell inspiring stories,” says founder of the Lexington Film League and the Doers Video Contest, Kiley Lane. “The overall goal is to offer an opportunity for filmmakers to actively participate in an LFL event, for the filmmakers to build their portfolios, and to connect filmmakers to their community and the community to their filmmakers.” Continue reading »

Mar 162011

Will of the people decides championship

NoC Sports

Coolavin Park

Chicago Rob connected on back-to-back slapshots in the seventh minute to lead team Lou-Rob to the championship of the Lexington Bike Polo Spring Break 2v2 Tournament last Sunday. Lou-Rob bested a 33 team field of pasty white bikers on parole from cities all over the greater midwest and northeast.

Although it apparently fell beneath the cracks of the KSR staff holed up in Atlanta covering the Cats game, the 2v2 had drawn minor regional publicity for becoming the first openly collectivist tournament in Kentucky sports history. The invitation read: “Teams will be selected randomly and any obviously overpowered teams will be split up, a bit of polo socialism to ensure lively, balanced play.” Continue reading »

Mar 162011

A St. Patrick’s Day tribute to political prisoners

By Beth Connors-Manke

In January, I got to visit Ireland, land of my ancestors. On my mom’s side, the Barrys arrived in the U.S. in the late 1800s, part of the Irish diaspora that occurred after the Potato Famine in the 1840s and 50s. My dad’s side, the Connors, arrived with the big immigrant influx in the early twentieth century. Both sides arrived poor and hard-scrabble.

Whenever you trek to your family’s “mother land,” you’re probably searching for something. If not some instinctual stirring of the blood, then some sense of place or of the culture that shaped your family. When we arrived in Dublin, it took me approximately 15 minutes to decide that whatever I was looking for was mythic.

While I grew up being told at the dinner table that “the Irish eat their potatoes,” walking around Dublin quickly told me that I was far from the Irish life of my great-grandparents. I was far in time from their experience, and Dublin itself was a different place, a place that, to the tourist’s eye, was simply another Euro city, with pedestrian plazas and large chain stores situated much as I had just seen them in London. (Sorry, native Dubliners. We’ll accept your hate mail at the address on the masthead.)

I amended my expectations. If history brought me to Eire, then I should look to history, not to Grafton Street (where the beautiful movie Once is partially set) or even Temple Bar, as a way to connect to my family’s life in Ireland. This led me to Kilmainham Gaol. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

These were the top 6 reasons given in a recent survey of 100 Kentucky citizens about why Greenwood/Asher must make the UK Presidential search public.

(1) Same search firm gave us CEO Lee Todd

(2) Accountability

(3) Public searches cheaper, yield better candidates

(4) No candidate discussion: coal

(5) No candidate discussion: athletics role

(6) No candidate discussion: higher ed. funding


Mar 162011

MLK NA changes mission, meeting dates

By April York and Blair Poe

The Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association (MLK NA)  will be moving in a new direction after it met on Tuesday, February 8. During the meeting at the Living Arts and Science center, the group discussed major changes in the direction and missions of the organization, starting with a change in leadership. At the meeting, former secretary Rachel Carpenter was elected to her first term as MLK NA president. Continue reading »

Mar 162011

By Keith Halladay

The Lexington Area Music Alliance was founded last year by a group of local business and cultural leaders with the mission of helping our region develop into a thriving musical center. LAMA hopes to accomplish this by “encouraging and supporting the production and performance of local music,” according the organization’s web site, located at

LAMA is, for now, focusing its efforts in two areas: rationalizing the city’s noise ordinance and relaxing restrictions that prevent underage music fans from attending, and underage musicians from performing, shows in venues that derive most of their revenues from alcohol sales. Continue reading »