Mar 022011

Lex goes berserk for Mideast horsey dictatorships

Lexingtonians—and eventing horse fans the world over—will be happy to know that Bahrain has been in the news recently. A small island country located in the Persian Gulf not far from the western banks of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is a major supporter of the horse industry that our city hopes to attract. Continue reading »

Nov 242010

An NoC equine-sporting report

“I was writing this commentary about the World Equestrian Games, and after several false starts, I realized why it was difficult to put into words the single most important benefit of the event. It’s because we gained something that you can’t quantify in an economic impact study: confidence.”

—Business Lexington

Since landing the World Equestrian Games earlier in the decade, our city leaders have taken part in a pretty creative feedback loop. They have spent considerable amounts of their time, money and media space convincing the Lexington population that the far greater amounts they would spend of their time, money and media space on WEG would yield great returns for the city. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

The conclusion of a story in three places

By Danny Mayer

On October 14, UK’s student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, reported that staff members in the paper’s advertising division had been caught distributing free copies of the paper to guests tailgating at Commonwealth Stadium before the September 18 Cats’ home football game against regional powerhouse Akron University. Originally busted by UK athletics officials for driving “an improperly marked golf cart,” the officers later came back and ordered the staff to cease and desist their unlawful activities: the giving away of free papers to UK sports fans, many of whom were, presumably, alumni, students or kin to alumni or students. Continue reading »

Oct 132010

Eating out on the Legacy Trail

Editor’s Note: The paper hired Northrupp to do a serious story on WEG, for which NoC lent him its home during the Games. He came back from his New Mexico vacation to a thoroughly destroyed backyard, starving dogs and this manuscript, part of which is serialized below. We can make no claims about any of the actions relayed below by Center, except for those verifiable through other sources. We would not run this at all, except for the late date at which this was made known to us, and the writer’s insistence that I signed a contract giving him “full access,” which he takes as full access to this paper. We offer this piece by Rupp only as a poor example of realist fiction, historical short story writing or local color regionalist writing.

By Northrupp Center

We were somewhere on the Legacy Trail, near the edge of the Horse Park, when the mushrooms began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “Gortimer, I think we should get off the path for a moment.” Continue reading »

Sep 292010

“Emergency” shelters set up

By Jeff Gross

Last Friday, central Kentucky began playing host to “the world,” as we’ve been repeatedly told. “Company’s coming” has been the refrain and late last week Mayor Newberry sent an email telling residents to “sweep the front porch” for our guests: “When we have company at our house, one of the last things we do is sweep off the front porch so our guests have a good first impression.  Now is time for each of us to think of the few last minute things we can do to make sure Lexington’s guests have a good first impression.”

Evidently, one of the “last minute things” has been consideration for the homeless in downtown.

Until October 10, downtown streets will be closed in the evening, filling with festival-goers for live music and medal ceremonies. Normal patterns of downtown life will be suspended, especially for those who live on the streets and in Phoenix Park. Continue reading »

Sep 152010

Prime sponsor for Spotlight Lexington has despicable global record

By Ian Epperson

How many times have you heard the phrase, “the World Equestrian Games are coming?” It’s perhaps the single phrase that can sum up the past year in Lexington. Everyone is getting ready for the Games. We’ve fast-tracked the streetscape improvements downtown. Business owners and managers have been attending training sessions to help them cater to international customers. The Herald-Leader churns out several articles a week regarding the WEG. The city is even putting together a festival entirely for the games.

Spotlight Lexington, the city’s festival during the games, has Coca-Cola as one of its primary sponsors. The choice of Coke as the exclusive soft drink and non-alcoholic beverage provider of Spotlight Lexington should be a concern to social and economically conscious Lexingtonians. Coke has willingly turned a blind eye to the violent repression of its unionized workforce in South America. As well, its business model in India includes monopolizing water sources for use in its bottling factories, water sources that communities depend on. The result has been polluted water and poisoned Coke products. Continue reading »