Sep 052012

Letter to Mr. Fallon

By Mary Grace Barry

There were several startling things in the Herald-Leader article that splashed across the front page on August 27. “Victorian Square returns to ownership of The Webb Companies” ran the title, as if it were an old timey “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” moment.

One of those startling things was the quiet refusal to probe deeper as to why Victorian Square was listed for sale in mid-January at $7.25 million, assessed at $1.4 million, and sold at $1.7 million.

That aside, the strangest thing was the sense of time warp. So we’re back in the 80s with the Webbs redeveloping a space based on a popular model? (The boutique plan that Victorian Square uses also popped up in bigger cities in the 80s, often in re-purposed buildings like downtown train stations. While popular, it failed in places like Indianapolis and clearly has failed here.) Continue reading »