Jun 222011

ROCK bests Vette City on last minute jam

By Sunny Montgomery

Editor’s note: NoC goes through ROCK writers like Spinal Tap goes through drummers. Here’s our newest ROCK beat reporter, Sunny Montgomery, of Sisters Provocateur fame.

I sat alone on the far side of the arena. Attendees were beginning to trickle in although it was still a little before six. Rollergirls from both teams were getting ready, stretching their legs and inspecting their wheels.   M.I.A. played over the loudspeaker.  Some of the girls were already skating around the rink – or rather, the track as I learned it was called.

I tried to look natural but I was feeling rather self-conscious. I wiggled around in my seat and worried I was sweating too much after my very hot bike ride to Lexington Convention Center.  I tried to display my Staff pass prominently across my legs as evidence I belonged. Continue reading »

Jun 232010

By Troy Lyle

If you weren’t at the Lexington Ice Center this past Saturday you missed the hottest show in town. Literally! With temperatures indoors reaching well into the 80s, a sold out crowd of 500 plus sizzled with anticipation as the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK) took the floor for their home opener. Their mission was simple. Put on one hell of a show and let Lexington and all of Kentucky know who rules the rink.

Their opponent for the evening, the Vette City Vixens (VCV), a young league named for the Corvette factory in their home town of Bowling Green, were hoping to play spoiler. They too eyed the prize of state bragging rights and desperately wanted to prove that though new to the sport, they knew a thing or two about winning roller derby. Continue reading »