Apr 272011

Current odds in the UK CEO race

Richard Florida…..7/2

Michael Karpf…..13/2

Bill Gates…..scratch

Condaleeza Rice…..30/1

Don Blankenship…70/1

Michael Adams…17/2

Ted Schatzki…28/1

Jack Conway….50/1

Mar 162011

These were the top 6 reasons given in a recent survey of 100 Kentucky citizens about why Greenwood/Asher must make the UK Presidential search public.

(1) Same search firm gave us CEO Lee Todd

(2) Accountability

(3) Public searches cheaper, yield better candidates

(4) No candidate discussion: coal

(5) No candidate discussion: athletics role

(6) No candidate discussion: higher ed. funding


Nov 242010

By Danny Mayer

“Organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.”

—Matt Taibbi

Meeting 1

On Monday October 25, Bill Shelton, whom the Lexington Herald-Leader described as a “former Michigan educator who is now at the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges,” informed the University of Kentucky Board of Regents that they should be prepared to pay more for their next president. Less than two months earlier, as a retirement gift to outgoing UK CEO/President Lee Todd, the board had increased his presidential salary at the university nearly $200,000, to an annual salary of $511,000. The regents even backdated payments one year. Continue reading »