Sep 052012

Holistic medicine, not radical surgery

By David Shattuck

In the 13 years since Third and Fourth Streets were made two-way, we’ve heard developers and city leaders claim that one-way streets inhibit business development. We’ve also heard that two-way streets magically sprout commercial activity.

Evidence in Lexington, however, shows just the opposite. A dining scene has sprouted organically on Short and Limestone Streets. Crowd sizes at Thursday Night Live continue to grow. The Lexington Farmer’s Market remains a well-attended Saturday event. The highly anticipated Hotel 21C at Main and Upper Streets is coming. CentrePointe is coming, and so, too, might a Town Branch Trail. Both businesses and area residents, it seems, will flock downtown and inhabit one-way streets.  People simply do not allow issues such as “wayfinding” or parking to stand in the way of something they really want to do or someplace they really want to go. Continue reading »