Oct 272010

A reaction to the 10/12 Screening at the Green Lantern

By Bill Widener

A smear, a warble, a robotic “RECORD” in the corner, and there’s a blurry figure in the background, hunching a trash curbie like an arthritic mutt. Some coot with a mug like a mummy takes a sprig of leaves and, almost tenderly, begins to fellate it. A boney old broad in a brassy, ratty wig thrusts her pelvis into another garbage can. It’s too freakish to be real, but look: the tape jumps artlessly from cut to cut and the machine demands “TRACK”. There’s no obvious narrative: things just happen, idiotic and appalling things, and danged if she don’t sound just like Aunt Gossie who had the pill problem.

Lucy Jones

Trash Humpers actor Chris Crofton does stand-up comedy before the Lexington Film League screening of Harmony Korine's latest.

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