Apr 042012

Automated technology and job displacement

By Nishaan Sandhu 

 Automated technology is becoming more common in nearly every venue of the world marketplace. Supermarket U-Scans, automated bank tellers, and computerized technical support systems serve as time savers for some while inspiring strings of expletives for others.

The isolating nature of U-Scan and other computerized customer service results in major job losses, a huge impact on the economy, and a significant decrease in everyday social interactions.  Instead of saving labor for the benefit of the workers, technology continues to drive the wedge between the ultra-wealthy and the growing ranks of the poor.

The corporate bottom line: no workers comp necessary for broken U-Scans. Photo by Captain Comannokers.

When discussing the unemployment rate that remains at a high level, it seems much easier to become passionately angered by offshoring or job displacement than to recognize how our nation’s motto of “I want it fast and I want it now!” actually takes away jobs.  Let’s take a moment and think, what is the real price of this modern day convenience we call U-Scan?   Continue reading »