Aug 112013

By Taylor Riley

Editor’s note: in her previous article, Taylor introduced readers to the Common Good program; here, we meet a Common Good family. 

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”

Waiting for the kids to file from a basement classroom of Common Good, I sit at a table and observe.

Most of the kids are waiting for their parents and guardians to pick them up, but most of them aren’t quite ready to go home.

“Say ‘goodbye’ to Henry. You’ll see him tomorrow,” a tired-sounding mother says to her elementary-aged son as she practically drags him to the door.

Common Good, a non-profit afterschool program founded by John and Laura Gallaher on the northside, proves to be a place where kids want to be day after day.

And who can blame them? Common Good is an equal opportunity place to go for kids—black, white, Latino, large, small. Nobody, the mentors or the other children, really seems to care about the physical attributes.  Continue reading »

Apr 052013

Youth talent show April 19 at Embrace Church

By Taylor Riley

1, 2, 3… Jump!

I walk past a group of enthusiastic jump-roping children as I search for John and Laura Gallaher.

There are at least 20 kids outside North Limestone’s Embrace United Methodist Church around four p.m. this particular Friday. If I didn’t know any better, I would think these kids were at recess.

School is over for the day, though, and the kids are involved in an after-school program.

I walk inside the church and spot John and Laura rounding up a couple kids for snack time in the basement home of Common Good, the north Lexington non-profit the Gallahers opened last year. Continue reading »