Dec 122012

Hints at return trip to Frankfort

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Santa, elves and media in Frankfort, December 2011. Photo courtesy North Pole Media.

East Siberian Arctic Shelf  (Tuesday, December 11, 2012)—Santa Claus today reminded reporters during daily holiday press briefings that he had yet to hear from Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear regarding last year’s holiday demand to support three specific Christmas-saving initiatives:

  • To end surface mining in Kentucky, immediately.
  • To employ every surface mine worker in jobs that reclaim the land and waterways already damaged by coal operations.
  • To work to help Appalachians build healthy communities and a just, diverse, and sustainable economy.

When Father Christmas arrived last year to speak with Beshear, the Kentucky governor happened to be out on “official business.”  Always the jolly pranksters, Santa and his elves went ahead with their plan to deliver coal and switches to Beshear and other legislators for a variety of Christmas-killing decisions they had made over the previous 12 months. This year, Claus expects a face-to-face meeting with Beshear.

“Ho ho ho. Maybe what I need to do is have my communications elf schedule a visit through his chief of staff to ensure he’s at the office. I’d love to sit little Stevie down on my lap and just talk. He was such a good kid when he was little.”

Claus stated that his people are working on hammering down a date when he and his entourage can arrive in Frankfort.

“Whenever it is, we’ll be sure to get the word out quick so all those good Kentucky elves can come join me and my caroling delegation at the capital building.”

May 312012

By Don Pratt

Sit-in for the Mountains participants. Author in background holding Kentucky Proud sign. Photo courtesy Don Pratt collection.

Editor’s note: Following the February 2011 weekend occupation of the governor’s office by Kentucky Rising activists, several Frankfort women organized a Sit-in for the Mountains (  Nearly every Thursday, a small dedicated group of volunteers gathered outside of the governor’s office to bear witness on behalf of the people, flora, fauna and/or land of Appalachian Kentucky. Local rabble-rouser, former grocer, amateur sign-maker and perennial candidate for local office Don Pratt began regularly attending these sit-ins. Below are sketch observations from time spent sitting outside the Governor’s office.


Many of the capitol staff were supportive, quietly or openly, from the very beginning.  Caroline Taylor Webb, who deserves most of the credit for maintaining recruitment and sharing the ongoing sit-ins for the mountains, had worked there a few years ago, so the staff mostly welcomed us. Spaulding Bakery donuts won over a few others who became first name acquaintances. I was usually able to generate some smiles when I began suggesting my state capital appearances were undertaken while on work release or lunch break from Little Caesars Pizza. Continue reading »

Dec 232011

Friday, December 16, 2011

East Siberian Arctic Shelf—Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, Santa Claus would like to have a word with you. Clad only in sunglasses, red boxer briefs and his trademark black boots, the centuries-old jolly fat man walked up to a North Pole podium yesterday and cited a litany of Christmas-killing coal initiatives that the Kentucky governor had endorsed during his first term in office.  His message to the governor? Change your message on coal or expect a personal visit from Santa this coming Monday.

Eastern Kentucky bituminous coal is a commodity that is near and dear to the North Pole business man. The hamlet of Benton, Kentucky, has long been rumored to be the global provider of coal destined for children who behaved badly throughout the year.

Though Claus did not mention the town by name, he did allude to the disastrous effects of over-extraction of coal. “Coal is a precious resource. For companies to rip off entire mountains to get at the stuff is criminal. At the rate these coal seams are going, in fifty years, switches will be the only thing I’ll be able to offer bad little boys and girls. Christmas will never be the same.”

As a staunch supporter of Kentucky coal corporations, Santa charged, Beshear is a key figure contributing to global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal are some of the leading causes of climate change, which is destroying Santa’s North Pole home one glacier melt at a time.

“We’ve had to move our entire operations twice in the past fifty years. The ground has literally melted beneath us.  Do you know what it costs to relocate an operation like ours? And don’t even get me started on the fact that my reindeer can’t find anything to eat around here no more.  The tundra plants have all become mush and I haven’t seen an arctic ground squirrel scurrying by since Clinton was in office. Importing Reindeer food is not cheap.”

Claus chose an apt place to give his press conference. The pant-less Saint Nick stood on the banks of the Chukchi Sea not far from Alaska. This spot, he claimed, was buried in ice not too long ago. Behind him huge plumes of methane gas shot up from the sea, both a result and cause of global warming. As warming temperatures cause ice and permafrost in the arctic to melt, formerly trapped methane gas bubbles are released. Once in the atmosphere, the gases act as mirrors, reflecting heat back down to heat the earth’s surface.

These are all bad things for North Pole residents.

“Look at this place. Fifty years ago, this land was all snow and ice for as far as Rudolph’s nose could light. And now? Nothing but marshy tundra and methane-filled seas—which now belch gigantic balls of methane into the air. If this keeps up, there’s no way I can stay in business. Something’s got to change.”

Press conference attendee Von Finnie, a North Pole toymaker and North Pole Local 548 union member, stated that he supported his white-bearded boss. He did, however, want Santa to make labor conditions in Kentucky a more visible issue.

“I think it’s great that my boss is attempting to change the Governor’s Christmas-killing support for coal corporations. I’m all for it,” said the elf. “But I would also like to point out that Beshear has also made it more dangerous for miners to work their jobs, and that his support of mountaintop removal is a job-killer, plain and simple. Since October, this year has already become one of the most dangerous years on record to be a miner in Kentucky according to MSHA. And as out-of-state coal companies rely on gigantic machines to peel away mountains, coal employment in the region has plummeted. In the face of these things, his telling regulators of all stripes to get off his back seems obtuse.”

To that end, Finnie says, he and his fellow elf-workers are contemplating going on a solidarity strike if Beshear does not enforce worker safety regulations at the mines.

Santa’s demands

With the holiday season coming on, Claus felt he had a platform with which to publicly address the Governor. He’s willing to let coal bygones be coal bygones, so long as Beshear publicly supports three specific Christmas-saving initiatives.

  1. End surface mining in Kentucky, immediately.
  2. Employ every surface mine worker in reclaiming the land and waterways already damaged.
  3. Work to help Appalachians build a just, diverse, and sustainable economy and healthy communities.

“Hey, look. I know how it goes,” Claus stated as the press conference wound down under unseasonably warm weather. “I see it all the time: snotty little kid plays mean and nasty all year long and then wants to make good a week before the big day. I get it. I’m Santa Claus, the jolly old Saint Nick, I know the deal. I can live with that as long as it’s sincere. The ball’s in the Governor’s court.”

Aug 102011

Gatewood Galbraith is Independent candidate

By Dave Cooper

Could 2011 be the year that Gatewood Galbraith is finally elected to office in Kentucky? It could happen.

Lexington attorney Galbraith, running for governor as an Independent candidate, will face incumbent Governor Steve Beshear and State Senate Majority Leader David Williams in the November election. Gov. Beshear has teamed with Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson for 2011, dropping his unpopular Lt. Governor, Hazard physician Dr. Dan Mongiardo, while Sen. Williams has selected former UK basketball star and current Agriculture Commissioner Ritchie Farmer for his running mate. Galbraith’s running mate is Dea Riley, a Frankfort media consultant. Continue reading »