May 162012

By Patrick O’Dowd

As a product of Lexington Catholic High School, I was chagrined to see the headlines Sunday morning, May 13. I write ‘chagrined’ because it is entirely unsurprising. The “same-sex couple unallowed to attend prom” headline surfaces with regularity this time of the year—that my Catholic alma mater was now the latest institution to partake in this injustice seemed altogether predictable.

What was not predictable was the deft handling of the matter from students Hope Decker and Tiffany Wright. After being told the day prior by the school’s administration that she and her date, Wright, would not be allowed to attend prom, Decker said, “This is ridiculous. There’s gotta be something we could do about this.” So the students did, and as they were turned away from the dance by the school, cameras from two local news stations were there waiting to tell their story. Decker’s and Wright’s public response in front of the cameras was undramatic, level-headed, and deliberate; their actions taken to rebuke the school, savvy and smart. Continue reading »