Nov 242010

Lively up yourself

Saturday, November 27

Devin the Dude with Natti (of Cunninlynguists) and Nemo

Buster’s, 9 P.M.

It has been suggested that Devin’s beats and rhymes, but especially his beats, are so chill that you must be stoned to truly enjoy them. This is probably true, because Devin was almost certainly stoned when he cut whichever of his records you’re trying to enjoy. In fact, I’ll lay even odds that Devin will be stoned at his show at Buster’s this Saturday, during which he will rap lyrics that mostly involve being stoned.

Here are the conflicted comments of two anonymous posters on a well-known music message board, when confronted with Devin’s last release, Suite 420 (released this past April 20): Continue reading »

May 072010

Friday May 7

Same As It Ever Was w/ Goldenrod & Allana Fugate

Cosmic Charlie’s. $8. Doors @ 8pm, show @ 9pm. 21+

Same As It Ever Was loves playing here in Lexington, where their crowds for some reason are bigger than in any other city the band passes through. SAIEW is a Talking Heads cover band that gets its name from the song “Once In A Lifetime.” (If you haven’t seen the video for that song you’re missing out.) The band does a spot-on job of covering the Heads and have put on a reliably consistent show for years. If you look away from the stage during their set you might think you’re at a real Talking Heads concert. Continue reading »