May 112011

Saturday, May 14

The Tim Talbert Project

The Crossroad; 286 Southland. 9 P.M.

Like most of you, I judge a man’s worth* using several criteria. First, how long he can survive, alone and minimally equipped, in the wilderness? Second, how well does he command his automobile? Third, does he know where the pocket is?

What’s the pocket? No, it ain’t those things on the front of your dungarees! It’s where the groove is. It’s the place in time where the backbeat lands for maximum funkifying. It’s the space in our id the bass fills, compelling us to move in ways that would cause our grandmas to blush and turn away, God rest their souls. It’s the connection between the harmony, the melody, the rhythm, and the astral plane. That’s the pocket. Continue reading »

Dec 082010

By Keith Halladay

About halfway through Friday night’s Open Mic Grand Championship, when Sam Wooden & the Urbane Gentleman had finished their set and gotten off stage, I accosted Brian Powers, their bassist, and told him this:

“Sam is the best songwriter working in Lexington—nay, anywhere—today, full stop.”

“Yeah—I know,” he replied. “Too bad he’s no longer working in Lexington. He’s in Nashville permanently now.”

“Tryna make it on the big stage?”

“Yep.” Continue reading »