Aug 022012

Don’t stop believing

By Sunny Montgomery

An hour before the bout and already a long line of fans were assembled at the arena entrance in anticipation of the Rollergirls’ of Central Kentucky’s (ROCK) home bout against the Gem City Rollergirls (GCRG) of Dayton, Ohio, the same Gem City who ROCK beat in 2007 for their very first victory.

Tonight was the team’s annual salute to the armed forces. Service members received door discounts and rollergirls challenging them to push-up competitions.  In the far corner, the 108th Army Band from Concord, North Carolina—dressed in fatigues and equipped with keyboards, saxophones, and guitars—played a loud and soulful rendition of “My Girl.”  Continue reading »

Jun 242012

Pebbles propel ROCK to 177-51 victory

By Sunny Montgomery

Doing it for the kids. Photo by Lewis Gardner.

I arrived to Heritage Hall last Saturday a little after six o’clock.  The Lexington Rollergirls (ROCK) were warming up, skating graceful laps around the track in preparation for their second home bout of the season against the Jewel City Rollergirls (JCRG) of West Virginia. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake serenaded overhead.  As I took a front-row seat and opened my notebook, announcer Bill Widener welcomed the audience, introduced himself, and then his co-announcer Mike Trusty, husband to league president and five year ROCK veteran Kitty O’Doom.

Mike gestured to the west-facing wall where a group of little girls leaned, wearing white t-shirts, kneepads and roller skates.  These, he announced, were special guests:  members of the junior roller derby also known as the Pebbles.  The miniature rollergirls made their way onto the track for individual introductions while the crowd cheered in raucous agreement:  this was unequivocally adorable. Continue reading »

May 022012

By Sunny Montgomery

When I first began covering the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK) for NoC, I’d been bewildered by everything:  the skaters whizzing past, pushing and falling, the referees gesturing wildly and the announcers hollering things I could not understand.  But by the end of the season, I was an enthusiast.  I was so overcome with female empowerment that I cut off all my hair and got a girlfriend.

So I was thrilled on April 7 when ROCK returned to the Lexington Center for their first home bout of the new season to face off against the formidable Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls (BBRG) from Northern Kentucky.

Rainbow Smite attempts to punch through Black-n-Bluegrass wall. Photo by Jack King.

Continue reading »

Oct 262011

Win final bout 143-92

By Suns McGunns

On Saturday, October 1, I attended the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky’s(ROCK) final bout of the season against the Vigilante Pistols Whips (VPW) at Heritage Hall in Lexington.

Donning plain white tees, the Pistols Whips were a unique team because, actually, they did not exist.  Rather, VPW was made up of various skaters from various leagues, including three skaters from ROCK.  As seasons end and tournaments begin, I learned that these types of pickup games are not unusual.

Pickup game or not, roller derby fans were out in full force.  The stadium and suicide seating were filled.  Fans lined the walls.  I took a seat on the bottom row of the bleachers.  To my right were a couple of young boys, gobbling popcorn and singing along while Adele played over the loudspeaker.  To my left was an older good-natured heckler, joined by his daughter who lovingly referred to him as ‘weasel.’  Continue reading »

Sep 282011

But ROCK falls to Hard Knox

By Sunny Montgomery

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky’s (ROCK) second to last bout of the season where they faced off against Knoxville’s Hard Knox Rollergirls (HKRG.)  I arrived early, ordered a beer and wandered through the arena.  I stopped and chatted with Jack King, devout follower and official photographer of ROCK.  “I’m trying to find the perfect seat,” I told him.  Jack raised his eyebrows.   “Well that’s suicide seating, of course,” he said. Continue reading »

Jul 132011

BBRG blockers control bout, best ROCK

By Sunny Montgomery

The Fourth of July weekend is perhaps my favorite weekend of the year. It encompasses everything I love best about Lexington: the barbeques, the downtown festivities, the closing of the streets, all my friends in one place and of course, the excuse to start drinking at 11 o’clock in the morning. This year I added another event to my list of favorites: ROCK’s Saturday night bout against Covington’s Black-n-Bluegrass (BBRG).

I’d attended only one roller derby prior to this one. I remembered how frenzied I’d felt trying to keep up. But while ROCK’s style on the track is fast and strong, BBRG is known for their slow play. This means that when the pack begins to move, BBRG will not. The strategy is used to run down the clock. It is particularly advantageous when your team has the lead, which BBRG did for most of the bout. I could see frustration creasing the brow of Ragman, ROCK’s coach. I felt a little frustrated too. I missed the fast-paced drama of my first roller derby. But alas, Covington’s roller girls were formidable and they won the bout: 202 to 90. Continue reading »

Jun 222011

ROCK bests Vette City on last minute jam

By Sunny Montgomery

Editor’s note: NoC goes through ROCK writers like Spinal Tap goes through drummers. Here’s our newest ROCK beat reporter, Sunny Montgomery, of Sisters Provocateur fame.

I sat alone on the far side of the arena. Attendees were beginning to trickle in although it was still a little before six. Rollergirls from both teams were getting ready, stretching their legs and inspecting their wheels.   M.I.A. played over the loudspeaker.  Some of the girls were already skating around the rink – or rather, the track as I learned it was called.

I tried to look natural but I was feeling rather self-conscious. I wiggled around in my seat and worried I was sweating too much after my very hot bike ride to Lexington Convention Center.  I tried to display my Staff pass prominently across my legs as evidence I belonged. Continue reading »

Apr 132011

ROCK pleasantly stimulates new roller derby beat writer

By G. Jordan Johnson

Editor’s Note: With the retirement of ROCK beat writer Troy Lyle, G. Jordan Johnson has assumed the role. We’re still looking for people to cover disc golf bike polo, and any other sport you can convince us needs covering. No prior knowledge of the sport is necessary—just a willingness to learn, cover and write about it. Photographers needed, too.

My only experience with flat track roller derby prior to last Sunday was six years ago when I still had access to a cable television and a weekly show, the name of which I have forgotten, covered team bouts on the air. In the time since, I had not crossed paths with the rough but glamorous sport until getting a recent North of Center assignment. Continue reading »

Feb 022011

The Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK) are currently preparing for their upcoming 2011 season with weekly practices and scrimmages. If you are interested in joining the league or learning more about ROCK please visit

4/23 — HOME vs. Lil City Rollergirls

5/14 — Away v. Glass City Rollers

6/4 — HOME v. Vette City Vixens

7/2 — HOME v. Blue Ridge Rollergirls

7/30 — HOME v. Chemical Valley Rollergirls

8/13 — Away v. Circle City Derby Girls

9/3 — HOME v. Hard Knox Roller Girls

9/17 — Away v. Vette City Vixens

10/1 — HOME v. TBA

12/10 — Away v. Lil City Rollergirls

All home bouts will be played at the Lexington Convention Center. Doors open at 6 PM and the action starts at 7. Admission is $10 for adults and children 12 and under get in free.