Feb 162011

By Rebecca Fear

Tom Thurman answers questions following the screening of his documentary film "Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland."

Lexington’s first Harry Dean Stanton Fest, inspired by Fairmount, Indiana’s annual tribute to James Dean, was quite a success. The festival celebrating actor Harry Dean Stanton, a Lafayette High School graduate, kicked off on Wednesday, February 2, with a documentary directed by Kentucky native Tom Thurman entitled Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland. Continue reading »

Sep 292010

Thursday, September 30

The Muggs

Green Lantern, 10:00. 21+

Detroit. Rock city. A little more than a decade ago I was smitten, as it happens, with a young woman way out my league. This was in Portland, Oregon, and the young woman in question was fresh in from DTW. Don’t remember why she’d come, but she’d moved with several friends who all knew the saxophonist in a local jazz-funk outfit that I road-managed for a time, who’d also moved to Portland some years prior, after taking a music degree from Wayne State.

She was beautiful, so much so that when she told me one night over drinks that basketball player Grant Hill, then with the Pistons, had once made an unsuccessful play for her affections, I absolutely believed her. She was a bit tipsy at the time, and this was her beautiful-woman way of rejecting my own advances: I’ve turned down millionaire NBA stars, honey; don’t embarrass yourself further. I took the hint. Continue reading »