Jun 242010

Dear Danny,

Many thanks to you and Julie for letting my wife and I stay at your house. I am writing to ask your help in settling some old accounts.

As you know, around mid-April, my good friend Gorttimer T. Spotts and I began laying bets on your downtown Lexington Trolley Lines. The games first started at Taste of Thai when Spotts and I, while on a dinner-date with our wives, began laying odds on the over/under for passengers riding by on your city’s rugged COLT faux trolley busses. This being within the first weeks of the COLT line’s opening, it soon became apparent to the both of us that anything other than the under on any passenger line was a loser. Continue reading »

Jun 242010

Big Brother, can you spare a trolley?

It’s a very cool thing!

Mayor Jim Newberry

If you want to see the nexus between spend-happy government, liberal urban boosterism, and misplaced priorities, look no further than COLT, the newest addition to the Lexington public transit bus fleet: two fake trolley cars and three hybrid fake trolley cars patrolling the inner downtown between Transy and UK from 11:30-2:00 weekdays and from 6:00-1:00 or 3:00 A.M. Thursdays-Saturdays.

COLT is what you get when too many people go to too many cities and return home, raging, with too many good ideas and all heck to pay. Downtown development? Check. Feel good public transportation? Check. Strong whiffs of environmentalism? Check. Public/private partnerships? Check. Grant funding? Check. Old-money nostalgia? Check. The project is only just short of scoring a perfect 100 on the Richard Florida Creative Class Solutions scale.

So why the hell doesn’t it work? Continue reading »