Mar 302011

Building a basil economy

By Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer

Beans from PeaceMeal gardens could be on sale at a public park market.

This is the fifth in a series calling on city council to actively facilitate the establishment of five public city farmer’s markets on public park land.

It’s too bad that, when given the chance in last November’s elections, Lexingtonians chose not to elect a grocer to represent them as one of three (3) at large city council members. Perhaps a former grocery store owner like Don Pratt might have responded with a bit more interest, experience and knowledge to a series of recent articles I’ve written on our local government’s need to actively promote better access to public farmer’s markets. Continue reading »

Mar 162011
Danny Mayer

Backyard garden constructed at author's old home in year 3 of visiting the Lexington Farmer's Market.

Park markets and city hall

By Danny Mayer

I started visiting the Lexington’s Farmer Market (LFM), sporadically, in the second summer after I moved here, 2001. A year later, after returning from a honeymoon in Italy, my wife and I began regularly patronizing the downtown Saturday market, then held on Vine Street. Continue reading »

Mar 022011

Park markets at city hall

By Danny Mayer

On December 17 in front of a local government building in the rural Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire and ignited an uprising in the Mideast with reverberations felt as far away as Madison, Wisconsin. Bouazizi, a twenty-seven year old college graduate, sold produce as a street vendor to support his family. On the day in question, police confiscated Bouazizi’s vegetables, which he had procured on $200 credit, because the Tunisian lacked (or didn’t) a proper permit to sell food. Continue reading »