Oct 262011

Day shifts, night shifts, swing shifts, lunch shifts

The 99% need your support in Lexington. Please check our website and Like us  on Facebook for more information about upcoming events and up-to-the-minute developments from our occupation. You can also follow us on Twitter at @occupylexky and retweet with #occupylexky for information you’d like to share.

What we really need, though, is you. Our occupation relies on the presence of people who will stand up with us and maintain a healthy amount of supporters at the site. We’ve had occupiers out here 24/7 since this thing started and we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. So why not come by and join us? You’ll find good company, good conversation, and good food donated by community members. Moreover, you can join the discussion about where we’re going and how we can get there, together. Continue reading »

Oct 262011

Occupy activities at JP’s plaza, Main Street

Please contact occupylexky@gmail.com to add an activity to the calendar.

Every day

6:30 P.M.: General Assembly: Come take part in consensus decision-making as to how the Occupation in Lexington should proceed.


5:30-7:30 P.M. : People’s Journalism: BCTC film certificate graduate Ramona Waldman and North of Center editor Danny Mayer will be on hand to produce and help foster citizen journalism. Residents are invited to come tell their own story of hard times and high hopes on camera to Ramona. They are also invited to share with Danny working drafts of news articles, letters to the editor, or other media publications that they hope to get published. Weekly during the occupation.

10:00 P.M.-7:00 A.M.: Community night: Bluegrass Community and Technical College professors Michael Benton and Danny Mayer invite BCTC students, faculty and staff (past, present and future) to join them in spending the night downtown. Other members of the public are invited, too. Mayer promises to bring bocce balls. Continue reading »

Oct 122011

Josie Rose wags fingers at JP

NoC News

Josie Rose, the May Day Kid, attended her first occupation on Friday, September 30, Day 2 of the Occupy Main Street gathering in front of JP Morgan Chase Bank in downtown Lexington. It was the day before her 5-month birthday.

Photo by Martin Mudd

May Day Kid cries out against crony capitalism at JP Morgan Chase and in solidarity with hungry children the world over.


Though Josie did not speak directly to reporters, her father told NoC that he felt it important to let his baby feel the excitement of people working to make a better world. “I want her to know that she was here, that her body helped forge a local dent in this large moment of world history making. I want her to grow up feeling what it is like to stand with people, together, publicly.” Continue reading »

Oct 122011

Occupy Main Street

By Danny Mayer

“Don’t be fooled by the complaints that the Occupy Wall Street movement hasn’t got a clear set of demands. Everybody in a position of power knows exactly what the people want. They simply don’t want to acknowledge it. Because, one issue at a time, the demands all boil down to one thing: we don’t want you running the world any more. You’re bad at it. The future you imagine is a vision of hell. If I were in charge, I wouldn’t want to acknowledge that, either.”

—Ben Tripp, “What are your demands?”

The day before it came to Lexington, the Wednesday the Herald-Leader ran a feature piece touting the new Tiffany Jewelry Plant as a “’super-duper’ addition to city,” September 28, 2011,the first trail I cut into the Occupy Main Street protest comes from the west and the south. I ferry across an 8:00 A.M. traffic jam along Vine at Rupp Arena, cut through the parking lot, eddy south and then west around the homeless encampment cut into the honeysuckle understory lining DeRoode, and then whomp it to City Hall sitting chilled in the early-morning shadow of the JP Morgan Chase Building for a meeting with Councilmember Steve Kay over public funding of the proposed Rupp Arena Entertainment District. Continue reading »