Oct 042013

By Danny Mayer

Last month’s September publication will be North of Center’s last. Over the coming weeks, some unfinished and previously-planned articles will continue to be published to the website and Facebook page. Notwithstanding those backlog pieces, from here on out NoC will begin to fade away.

Apr 042012

CSAs, short for Community Supported Agriculture, grew out of 1960s Japanese and Swiss culture and were transplanted to the United States in the mid-1980s. In a typical CSA, shareholders exchange their upfront monetary investment for a stake in a farm’s seasonal or yearly bounty. As Susan DeMuth has observed, CSAs are places “where consumers interested in safe food and farmers seeking stable markets for their crops [have] joined together in economic partnerships.”

North of Center is offering its own model of community sustained products: a CSJ (Community Sustained Journalism). In buying a share in NoC, your money will help purchase ad space. You can choose to advertise for your favorite businesses or nonprofit, or you can choose to dedicate your share for a space to announce, publicly, a kickass party you’re throwing.

You’ve got choices. Check them out, along with the great swag that accompanies each CSJ choice, below:

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Nov 092011

The NoC fundraiser was a learning experience. We raised $400 and secured a new friend while at Al’s who sold these mini-ads on post-it notes to bar customers for an additional $32. (Hint, hint, others. You can do this, too: NoCeditors@yahoo.com). Thanks Charles, and thanks all of you below and everyone else who donated their hard-earned time, money, energy, voice, mind and body. We hope to roll out a form of community sustained journalism next issue. We’re also always looking for interested ad partners interested in supporting our form of print media.

“You can’t dismantle the masters house with the masters tools.” —Audre Lorde


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Oct 122011

UK Lecture on autonomous spaces

On Friday, October 14, John Paul Jones and Keith Woodward will deliver a talk on the politics of autonomous spaces. Jones is a former geography professor at UK and current Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, while Woodward is a former UK grad student flunkie now a geography professor in Madison, Wisconsin. The talk will take place in the West End Boardroom, 18th Floor of the Patterson Office Tower, at 4 PM. Free drinks follow at the reception, 6:00 until the booze runs out, in the UK Commonwealth House (Gaines Center), located on Maxwell behind Memorial Coliseum. Continue reading »