Nov 102010

By Thomas Helmers

NoC sports editor Troy Lyle was going to follow up his “Disillusioned with the NFL” piece this week but decided to crawl into the bottom of a bottle of Laphroiag instead, leaving me holding the bag. Here are my thoughts based on our observations following yesterday’s day of football.

While gleefully watching the systematic dismemberment last evening of what was once known as the Dallas Cowboys at the hands of the Packers, a recurring conversation between Lyle and myself once again percolated.

“How could you subject me to this god-awful white washing?” he asked me about halfway through the second quarter. “You know that I’ve basically waved the white flag on my football fandom after the stunt that invalid Shanahan pulled last week against Detroit.” Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Dis-Illusion in the NFL

By Troy Lyle

Editor’s Note: This was left in our e-mail box at NoC HW, accompanying an attachment containing the final drat of this article. We reproduce it here verbatim:

Troy Lyle archives

Author hits organized football.

“Here’s the final version. The next part should start with a quick back story about titans, the steelers and redskins, and how teams were just that–teams back then. From there I’ll segway into an 8 or so part segment into why the NFL has lost its way. Starting with the individual player (aka the premodonna syndrome), movingto why espn has ruined the nfl, to how the NFL sold its soul to capitalism, to how fantasy football killed team allegence, why pink out sucks for cancer, to the overregulating of hits, to the ridiculous nature of million dollar idiots. I’ll need your help as always. I’ll try and get it to you earlier the next issue. Continue reading »