Apr 052013

By Cameron Lindsey

Netflix is singlehandedly changing the way Americans watch television, and I am talking about something more than making us stay awake for days watching seasons of The X-files.

Back in early 2012, a little eight-episode show called Lilyhammer aired on our trusty video subscription service, where it received little attention. The show originally aired in Norway and stars one of Bruce Springsteen’s guitarists, Steven Van Zandt, who you might remember from back in the day on The Sopranos. The show centers around Van Zandt’s character, a former mafia boss, who relocates to Norway as part of a witness protection program. Sounds okay, right? You can still watch every episode of the show on Netflix, so check it out if you like.

But more importantly, remember the name Lilyhammer. That way, when you get a trivia question in 2025 that asks, “What was Netflix’s first original show before they changed television forever?” you can jump up and say, “I know this one.” Continue reading »