Aug 252010

By Megan Neff

It is Sunday night, August 22.  I finished my radio show this afternoon and ate the ritual #6 with barbecue chips afterward.  And after four years at UK, I felt out of place again as I walked to Jimmy Johns and back to WRFL alongside so many golden tans and carefree faces.

It made me think about my first semester.  About how I would rather be back there and not another recent college graduate who was unprepared for not being able to find a job in their field of study.  Or just a job that pays above minimum wage and has health benefits.

But on a positive note, it made me think about my introduction to the local music scene that semester.  About my first noise show and how John Wiese’s performance made me think of a painfully slow airplane crash.  The now defunct Icehouse and feeling the slight of the higher cover charge for outsiders.  And my very first show in Lexington, which strangely enough was at UK’s Student Center Spectacular four years ago.

It seems it is that time of the season again.  This year, I am not a freshman intimidated by the hipness of the WRFL crowd.  I’ve done this a hundred times before and know most of the people here.  Some of the magic is lost, but I can sense it in the crowd around me.

Real Numbers begin as the sun starts going down with a brand of straight forward punk-edged rock.  Vicious Guns continues with the trend but adds a dash of black leather, lace and some slightly drunken theatrics.  And Matt Duncan closes out the show with his unfailingly perfect blend of soul and buoyant pop.

So much has faded away in four years, but so much has grown.  And whether apparent to my disillusioned eyes or not, it will continue to grow around me.  Be it in a bug-infested lawn on UK’s campus or in another seedy basement.  And that in itself is some kind of magic.

May 202010

NoC interviews Ross Compton

By Nick Kidd

On Saturday, May 22 Matt Duncan’s new seven-song EP “Beacon” will be released on Hop Hop Records. An album release party at Cosmic Charlie’s will mark the occasion, featuring performances by Duncan along with the post-Doo Wop pop of Idiot Glee and a special late-night tag-team tribute to Daft Punk from Brocktologist and Louisville’s DJ Figure.

Dropping just 2 months after Idiot Glee’s 7” self-titled EP, “Beacon” marks Hop Hop Records’ second release to date. While it’s still early in their existence, the label has shown great promise, releasing EPs from two of Lexington’s finest local acts. I caught up with one half of Hop Hop records, Ross Compton, to get a better idea of what’s going on with the label.

NOC: Who’s idea was Hop Hop? Continue reading »

May 072010

Rock & Talk Showcase

Imagine Woodsongs but with rock instead of folk. Sounds like a good idea, huh? That’s what Rock & Talk is poised to become. This new series hit the ground running, filming its pilot episode at the Kentucky Theatre on Thursday, April 29 with local cowboy rockers Sunday Valley and Louisville/Lexington folk rock conglomerate The Revenna Colt.

The music sounded great in the Kentucky and the bands and emcee kept the Talk to a minimum, letting the Rock run the show. Host Gabe Swain says Rock & Talk is hoping to be picked up on PBS and NPR affiliates, like Woodsongs, giving the Kentucky Theater yet another staple music program to share with the world. Continue reading »