Sep 052012

The imperfect enjoyment

By Marcus Flores

Newly engineered chemical compounds offer a study of Isaac Newton’s Third Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, the government’s misplaced mania for prohibiting a certain plant provokes an equal and opposite response from citizens looking to get legally high. Meant to mimic marijuana, herbal smoking products “K2” and “Spice” have caused deadly side effects among Kentucky teens—among them heart attacks and seizures.     Continue reading »

Jun 232010

Up in Smoke? No shit? Really?

It’s nice to see that the Kentucky DEA and State Patrol (SP) are developing a sense of humor about naming their marijuana eradication efforts with a nod to the pot-culture classic from Cheech and Chong. Kudos, coppers! Finally, you serious dudes in, uh, camouflage, are seeing your “supplementary” employment for the joke that it really is (or at least for the billion dollar pun that it really is now). But I write this more as good-citizen dialogue than diatribe: DEA/KSP, please be careful! Some may see your nod to pot-culture as a not-so-subtle attack on popular Latino pastimes. Or maybe even racial profiling. You might consider a name-change, in which case you’ll also want to avoid “Operation Friday.” All young African Americans do not live in East L.A. and spend their waking hours baking. Continue reading »

Feb 132010

The return of industrial hemp and marijuana

By Obiora Embry

The 21st century has seen an increased national desire to become more environmentally friendly, and Kentucky is no exception. We have some of the most fertile soil in the United States, and with tobacco and coal on their way out the door, we need viable income alternatives that can steer us in a sustainable direction. As this is the case, one of the smartest moves that we Kentuckians can make is to write and enact legislation that will make the growing and selling of industrial hemp and marijuana legal again.

It is important to understand that there are differences between hemp and marijuana because they have different functions that are important to the present and future of Kentucky. In resolving some of the problems that we humans have created during the Age of Patriarchy, we will need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, synthetics (including plastics), and trees. We will also need to heal the wounds of those who suffer from mental disorders, imbalances, diseases, and reduce the needless deaths caused by prescription drugs that medical marijuana can replace. Continue reading »