Sep 052012

Resources go downtown while northside residents struggle

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Out of growing concern about crime and violence, Castlewood neighborhood residents have started organizing. They’ve had meetings; they’ve got plans. At the center of those plans are two things: build strong relationships among neighbors and prod the city into finishing the renovation of E. Loudon Avenue.

As it stands right now, the condition of E. Loudon from Shropshire to Bryan is deplorable, making the area look like it has been abandoned by the city. The road surface is compromised, the curbs destroyed, the median in shambles. Along this stretch have also been the most dangerous incidents of crime, including the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Christopher Thongs in May.

Putting two and two together, Castlewood residents have begun to wonder just how much the infrastructure neglect in their area has contributed to the crime. Because they know that street design and general upkeep of an area can discourage destructive activity, Castlewood residents want that last stretch of E. Loudon renovated. But if you know the history of the work already done on E. Loudon, you have to wonder just how much work they’ll have to do themselves to get a decent street. The type of street that many neighorhoods take for granted: one with curbs and without sinkholes and buckling pavement. Continue reading »

May 112011

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On April 25, LexTran officials, including General Manager Rocky Burke, met with community members at Luigart Studio to discuss the future of the Kitchen Planning Center building at 101 W. Loudon Avenue. Occupying much of the northwest corner of the intersection of N. Limestone and Loudon, LexTran owns the buildings on the corner and currently has its administrative headquarters at 109 W. Loudon. LexTran is considering plans for the vacant Kitchen edifice as well as the long warehouse behind it that runs along N. Limestone.

Photo by J.C. Commonokers.

The LexTran/Kitchen Planning Center building on the corner of North Limestone and Loudon Avenue.

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Jun 232010

Neighbors organize to have E. Loudon repair continued

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“It looks like 1930 out there.”

Captain Commanokers

Busted curb and deep ruts on E. Loudon Avenue median

This comment, tinged with frustration, came from a small business owner on E. Loudon Avenue. He’s right: E. Loudon from Shropshire Avenue to N. Limestone really does look that bad.

Unfortunately, it could be well after 2030 before the city undertakes the complete overhaul this section of E. Loudon desperately needs.

Concerned neighbors found this out at a March meeting convened by District 1 councilmember Andrea James. At that meeting, one city official informed area residents and business owners that it could be 40 years before this section of E. Loudon is renovated. To drive his point home (and maybe to protect himself from projectiles thrown by an angry audience), the official presented a tremendously large posterboard spreadsheet (in this reporter’s memory it was about the size of an office desk) showing just how far down the list the E. Loudon project was. Continue reading »