Oct 262011

Food Not Bombs returns to Lexington

By Dave Cooper

Lexington Food Not Bombs is back, feeding the public delicious and healthy free food every Wednesday at 5:30 in front of the downtown public library in Phoenix Park.

Organizer Melody Millage, 22, who works at Magee’s Bakery, got the idea to start a Lexington Food Not Bombs group after talking with Tates Creek High grad John O’Shea over coffee at Common Grounds, and they have now been serving meals in Lexington for several months.

Most of the food served is donated from the Lexington Farmer’s Market, along with random donations:  At a recent dinner a man rode up on a classic red Schwinn bicycle, opened his daypack and withdrew a gigantic five pound bag of uncooked elbow macaroni to donate. Continue reading »

Mar 162011
Danny Mayer

Backyard garden constructed at author's old home in year 3 of visiting the Lexington Farmer's Market.

Park markets and city hall

By Danny Mayer

I started visiting the Lexington’s Farmer Market (LFM), sporadically, in the second summer after I moved here, 2001. A year later, after returning from a honeymoon in Italy, my wife and I began regularly patronizing the downtown Saturday market, then held on Vine Street. Continue reading »