Apr 222010

Creative Class

A sharp critique of Florida (“Richard Florida’s creative bullshit,” April 7 2010). Greg Brown’s “Boom Town” ran through my mind as I read. He points to Sonoma and Santa Fe, two distinctly “Creative Cities,” and asks where the original residents live now? In trailers on the outskirts of town.”

Gordimer T. Spotts

Murfreesboro, TN

Nostalgia and freedom

Thanks for the words on guerilla gardening (“Confessions of a guerrilla gardener,” April 7, 2010). I remember the flow of nice smoking component during those days of the early 70’s (some of it anyway). Continue reading »

Mar 152010

Stumbo’s values

Recently I was reminded that we live in a Republic, not a Democracy. If I remember my 101 political science class, the difference is that in a Democracy the elected official votes the will of the people, whereas in a Republic, an elected official votes in a way that reflects what they feel would be best for the state, based on their own value system. Given this difference a person running for office in a Republic must state his/her values but also hold true to those stated values once in office.

This is not the case for Speaker of the House Stumbo. Just last year Senator Stumbo stated, “I don’t have an appetite to turn my back on the needs of our state.” Now in the current budget debate Senator Stumbo seems to have developed an appetite for cutting back on the state’s needs. Namely he advocates shorting the public school year by two days (and thereby lowering teacher pay), cutting funding for services like poison control hotlines, and cutting community college funding by 2%. All this and more while still leaving a 400 million dollar shortfall. Continue reading »