Aug 242011

Crawfish, bicyclists, and humans beings in the city

Von Jon Finnie

Editor’s note: Sometimes NoC editors make decisions while at Al’s Bar after we’ve run up a tab. While we always stand by those decisions as sound, if not cutting-edge brilliant, they do sometimes seem, um, unusual in hindsight. Hence this piece in German by Jon Finnie. If readers clamor, perhaps we can talk Jon into translating it into English next issue.

From the author: “Every day, I ride my bike from my house next to SCAPA/Lafayette High School on my way to WRFL, the DLC, Al’s, London Ferrell Community Garden, and so on. I pass over a creek that runs behind Lafayette. There I met a kid who fishes for crawfish. The article frames this kid’s fishing in the context of Lexington’s water quality issues. More broadly, the piece is about what you can learn by biking around the city and, coupled with this kid’s activity, it’s implicitly about how people inhabit their modern urban habitat in ways that are pretty human.”

Die Geographie meines Lebens ist folgendes. Ich wohne in der Nähe von Picadome Elementary und Lafayette High School, studiere und drehe Platten bei der Universität Kentucky und mache ein Praktikum in der Innenstadt. Samstags melde ich mich freiwillig zu einem Garten an Third Street. Wenn ich Freizeit haben, höre ich live Musik, in letzter Zeit beim umlängst verstorbenen Crib Death und Al’s. Continue reading »