Nov 092011

By Randi Ewing

This article originally appeared in the bilingual publication La Voz de Kentucky. Grab a copy.

This past July, when simply sitting in the shade would make you sweat, Maria Hernandez was happily working in the tiny, boiling kitchen at the back of her restaurant, La Cocina de Maria. The restaurant, located on North Broadway and consisting of little more than an enclosed kitchen with tables and chairs set up outside, is aptly named. It is Maria’s kitchen. It is also the result of a dream that sprang from years of doing what she loved.

“When I arrived here, I never thought about having a restaurant. I simply cooked,” says Maria, who moved to Kentucky 18 years ago. Continue reading »

Jan 192011

This editorial first appeared in the December 20 issue of La Voz, before the Kentucky state Senate formally passed SB 6.

To speak plainly, the initiative by the Republican party and their state senators to introduce in Kentucky a law similar to Arizona’s is racist in origin, intention and in intended effect. Continue reading »