Apr 272012

Tuesday gathering of parents’ friends to be held at Kenwick Park in support of CROCKers, workers of the world

May Day Kid and family. Photo by Matt Garbett.

NoC News

Parental sources say that Josie Rose, the May Day Kid, has moved her One-Year-Old birthday bash from the family’s backyard to Kenwick Park. The move is in solidarity with the General Strikes taking place that day across the country, and with the Community Radicals of Central Kentucky, who will be holding their first weekly Kenwick Exchange that night from 6:00-8:00 PM.

“With so much public love taking place in the world that day, the family decided that privatizing the May Day Kid’s birthday celebration was not an option. We wanted her to be a part of it all,” read a press release issued early this morning. “Kenwick Park, which has some nice new playground equipment, will be a great place to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Kid’s pushing into the world.” Continue reading »