Aug 242011

Science teacher Martin Mudd recently returned from a two hour stint in Governor Steve Beshear’s office as part of the ongoing Sit-In for the Mountains. Mudd spent his time there lying on the ground beneath a homemade tomstone that read, “RIP: In memory of our friends in Appalachia past present and not yet born who suffer under the sin of strip mining.” North of Center tracked down Mudd, a Lexington resident living in Kenwick, to ask him a couple questions.

NoC: Why were you in Frankfort last weekend?

Mudd: I went to Frankfort last Thursday to occupy the Governor’s office and send the message to Steve Beshear that people are dying in Appalachia and we will not be ignored. I also wanted to participate in the weekly sit-in that has been happening at the Governor’s office since the Kentucky Rising action in February. Continue reading »

Aug 152011

NoC News break

Martin Mudd, In memory of

The Herald-Leader picked up a story on the Sit-in for the Mountains that spontaneously self-organized in the aftermath of the Kentucky Rising sleep-over. Martin Mudd, a member of the group that occupied the governor’s mansion last February, finally got a chance to participate and decided to escalate a tad bit. If you’re in Kentucky, he strongly encourages you to participate and contact Caroline at to join.

For more information on Sit-In for the Mountains, go here: