Oct 262011

We need your do re mi

NoC Staff Report

On Tuesday, November 1, North of Center is hosting several parties in hopes of raising funds to continue operations into the next year. Yeah, we’re asking for your hard-earned do re mi. In NoC fashion, some of these fundraisers are FREE to attend, while others aren’t even fundraisers at all so much as they are communal sing-alongs sent out over the public wire.

Without further ado, the three-pronged NoC winter fundraiser, a celebration of public transmissions.  Please join us at some or all of these events. Things are so much more fun with crowds. Continue reading »

Oct 122011

Don't worry Dallas. We'll give you the skinny about Rat Shed Radio on November 1.

Kentucky Rat Shed Radio: Where local first reaches from Harlan to Carrollton.

A reading and musical performance of the Kentucky River Watershed

Featuring the music, voices and words of Warren Byrom, Dan’l Boone, Beth Connors-Manke, Wes Houp, Danny Mayer, G.W. Ranck, Gortimer T. Spotts and others

Tuesday, November 1, 6:00-8:00 at John Lackey’s Homegrown Press Studio, North Limestone and Sixth

Tickets $25. Fundraiser for North of Center. Limited Availability.

To purchase a ticket or make further inquiries, contact Danny Mayer at Mayer.Danny@gmail.com


Watching the river go by

Watching the river go by

Watching the river go by in the evening.

John Hartford