Aug 102011

Thursday, August 11

Ben Lacy

Cheapside; 131 Cheapside. 9 P.M.

Ben Lacy’s guitar prowess is such that many who hear him play experience an extreme emotional response as a result, such as intense crying jags, fits of cackling laughter, alternating terror and ecstasy—that sort of thing. Attending his performances thus feels a bit like staring into the face of God; you’re overcome with awe, your senses explode and then dim forever, and you end up drooling in a ditch, unresponsive to stimuli.

And that’s why Ben Lacy needs a new name. I mean, “Ben Lacy” is a perfectly pleasant moniker: “Ben” is a welcoming word, similar to the French “bien” and “bon,” and evocative of the Sanskrit root “bhanu,” the Sun, while “Lacy” is a seductive, Latinate thing. When you hear them together you think, oh, he’s a really nice guy, I bet, and you probably smile and think about your loved ones, and of hugging them. Mm. Continue reading »

Jul 272011

NoC Music

The 2011 edition of Holler in the Holler, a three-day music and arts festival, will be held between Friday, August 19 and Sunday, August 21 at Homegrown Hideaways, just outside of Berea, KY. Tickets, which start at $12, are available in a variety of packages, including per-day and all-weekend passes.

Acts booked for this year’s edition of the festival include BlueGrass Collective, The Barry Mando Project, Born Cross Eyed,  Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, Holler Poets, and many other local and regional musicians.

Tickets may be purchased at the Homegrown Hideaways web site, at; click the event’s menu link for prices, directions, and the full schedule of events. Advance ticket sales end August 17, after which patrons must buy them at the festival entrance.