Apr 132011

The Hollywood legend discusses acting, family, and Alex Trebek

By Jennifer Miller

When Hitting the Cycle’s principal photography in Lexington concluded last summer, filmmaker J. Richey Nash intended to shoot the final two scenes on a hospital soundstage in Los Angeles. Yet again, like the movie’s anti-hero Jimmy “Rip” Ripley, Nash learned that there’s no place like home: University of Kentucky HealthCare, which previously hosted two HTC overnight shoots in its hallways and lobbies, provided exceptional access to a transitioning patient area at UK Good Samaritan Hospital.

Bruce Dern in a scene from Hitting the Cycle.

For this shoot, the West Coast representatives on Team HTC now included Hollywood royal Bruce Dern, playing James Ripley, Senior. While cinephiles can rattle off dozens of Dern’s memorable performances—ranging from blue-blood Tom Buchanan opposite Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby, to his Oscar-nominated turn as a Vietnam Vet in Hal Ashby’s Coming Home, to his recent portrayal of polygamous patriarch Frank Harlow on HBO’s Big Love—twenty-somethings on the HTC set admired Dern even more for his real-life role as the father of acclaimed actress Laura Dern. Continue reading »

Sep 292010

On the Lexington set of Hitting the Cycle

By Jennifer Miller

It’s somehow symbolic of Hollywood that Tara was just a facade with no rooms inside.”David O. Selznick

It’s 3 AM, and I sit at the computer, trying to describe just how hospitable filmmaker Richey Nash found local friends and strangers to be during the production process for Hitting the Cycle (www.HTCmovie.com). Then my friend Lucy calls from a show at Buster’s and asks whether she can bring a touring punk rock band to sleep at my house, since hotels are fully booked for the World Equestrian Games. Of course, I say. And then I have my metaphor.

The punk quartet can now tell other bands that Lexington is a place with quality professional venues, talented artists, and caring local people. And the HTC cast and crew can take the same message back with them to Los Angeles. Continue reading »

Jun 092010

By Jennifer Miller

Besides a first career in professional baseball, filmmaker Richey Nash doesn’t have much in common with Jimmy “Rip” Ripley, the anti-hero of his award-winning screenplay Hitting the Cycle. But thanks to Lexington Legends President Alan Stein’s offer for the film production to use facilities at Applebee’s Park, Nash shares at least one more story line with his alter ego: nurturing his hometown roots.

“The Lexington Legends and Applebee’s Park have always been about two things: fun and making the community better,” Stein said. “ When the opportunity came up to participate with our friend Richey Nash in his film project, we jumped at the chance because it will be fun for our fans around Central Kentucky to see their hometown ballpark, and it will help extend the brand of both the Legends and Lexington.” Continue reading »