Aug 242011

A letter from the editor

By Danny Mayer

North of Center began publication in May, 2009, with a paltry print run of 800 copies, no Facebook page, and no online presence. Since that time, we have kept up a biweekly print schedule—we surpassed issue #50 earlier this summer—and entered the 21st century with a local web site, a Facebook page, and a nationally-focused blog. With the addition of several donated outdoor and indoor distribution racks (thanks La Voz and Smiley Pete), our print run now numbers 2400 copies of each issue. Were it not for Mayor Jim Gray’s sting operation of Lexington graffiti artists, which had the byproduct effect of running out of town an artist in the midst of painting 6 of these donated magazine racks, the distribution number might be closer to 3000 copies per issue circulating around town.

For the most part, our growth into the community has been accomplished through the work of a small group of committed volunteers who have labored to research, write, edit, draw, lay out, distribute and talk-up the paper and the many stories contained within it. Their work has allowed this paper to become what it is today. Continue reading »