Feb 162011

By Rebecca Fear

Tom Thurman answers questions following the screening of his documentary film "Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland."

Lexington’s first Harry Dean Stanton Fest, inspired by Fairmount, Indiana’s annual tribute to James Dean, was quite a success. The festival celebrating actor Harry Dean Stanton, a Lafayette High School graduate, kicked off on Wednesday, February 2, with a documentary directed by Kentucky native Tom Thurman entitled Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland. Continue reading »

Feb 022011

Harry Dean Stanton Fest arrives at the Kentucky Theatre

From Wednesday, February 2 until Friday, February 4 the Kentucky Theatre will play host to three days of Harry Dean Stanton films sponsored by the Lexington Film League and KET. The festival features the world premiere of Tom Thurman’s Kentucky Muse documentary Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland as well as rare screenings of Paris, Texas, Cool Hand Luke, and Repo Man. For more information including showtimes and ticket prices, please visit: http://www.lexingtonfilmleague.org/harry-dean-stanton-fest.html Continue reading »

Jan 192011

New KET documentary honors a legend and kicks off a film festival

By Lucy Jones

Showing people a picture of Harry Dean Stanton is like presenting them with a cinematic Rorschach test. If you ask them who he is, the answer says as much about them as it does about him.  “That’s the dad from Pretty in Pink.” “That’s the dude from Repo Man!” “That’s Brett from Alien.” Or, “that’s the guy from Red Dawn—‘Avveeeenge Meeeee!’” Based on the reply, you can gauge everything from how old a person is to which side of the cafeteria he/she probably sat on in high school. Continue reading »