May 202010

By Colleen Glenn

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is back and as charming and sardonic as ever in the next installment of the Iron Man Marvel comic series, Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 picks up a few months after where the first film left off, with Stark having caused a tremendous media frenzy by revealing himself to be the Iron Man, the international peace-keeping/ass-whooping superhero in a suit. Stark has, by now, news coverage shows us, made several successful interventions around the globe and has used his armor to pressure the major superpowers of the world into negotiating a peace treaty. He has essentially become a one-man nuclear deterrent. As Stark himself puts it at the Senate Hearing, he has “successfully privatized world peace,” and refuses to relinquish his invention to the U.S. government. Continue reading »