Mar 162011

Thursday, March 17

Groove Manifesto with Prometheus and Onward Pilgrim
The Loft; 401 W. Main (in Victorian Square). 10:00 P.M.

You know, you reach a certain age and you get more cantankerous and eccentric, and your body starts to break down, and you start randomly shaking your fist at young people for being, well, young, and then you’re more or less waiting to move to Florida and then the great beyond, and that’s the age I’m fast approaching, which I’m fine with, but what’s annoying about the process isn’t the creaky joints or general confusion but that all my musical touchstones, my points of reference, are all decades old, and nobody knows who the hell I’m talking about when I try to talk to them about music, which is one of the reasons I end up shaking my fist so much. Continue reading »

Dec 082010

By Keith Halladay

About halfway through Friday night’s Open Mic Grand Championship, when Sam Wooden & the Urbane Gentleman had finished their set and gotten off stage, I accosted Brian Powers, their bassist, and told him this:

“Sam is the best songwriter working in Lexington—nay, anywhere—today, full stop.”

“Yeah—I know,” he replied. “Too bad he’s no longer working in Lexington. He’s in Nashville permanently now.”

“Tryna make it on the big stage?”

“Yep.” Continue reading »