Jul 282010

Building a Basil Economy

By Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer

Palacio's chorizo.

I first started eating grits last summer while seeking out breakfast options at Wine+Market. Up to that time, my $5 purchase of eggs, either from the farmer’s market or at Wine+Market, provided the basis for many of my breakfasts.

The W+M grits purchase was something of a calculated risk for me. I had developed strong negative associations with the grain ever since a series of conversations with my childhood friend Jeffrey Bollerman. Jeff was part of the Jessie F. George School gang in New Jersey that I hung out with up through fourth grade when I left for Charlotte, North Carolina. At 10, Jeff was already worldly traveled, having once spent a week in the far-away sticks in South Carolina at a place he called Hilton Head, a town so backward, he claimed, that many of the roads were dirt and the only thing to eat there were these things called grits. Continue reading »