Sep 292010

On the Lexington set of Hitting the Cycle

By Jennifer Miller

It’s somehow symbolic of Hollywood that Tara was just a facade with no rooms inside.”David O. Selznick

It’s 3 AM, and I sit at the computer, trying to describe just how hospitable filmmaker Richey Nash found local friends and strangers to be during the production process for Hitting the Cycle ( Then my friend Lucy calls from a show at Buster’s and asks whether she can bring a touring punk rock band to sleep at my house, since hotels are fully booked for the World Equestrian Games. Of course, I say. And then I have my metaphor.

The punk quartet can now tell other bands that Lexington is a place with quality professional venues, talented artists, and caring local people. And the HTC cast and crew can take the same message back with them to Los Angeles. Continue reading »