Mar 272010

Shootin’ n Snaggin’ with the Frugal Fisherman

There’s an old adage among fishermen: “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” I couldn’t agree more. Being in the outdoors on a sunny day in the fresh air is reward enough. But not catching fish outing after outing gets old, even to the most grizzled of veterans. Such was my case recently. I’d tried several attempts at catching everything from bass and walleye to crappie and bluegill at Lake Herrington, the Kentucky River and Jacobsen Park Lake. I didn’t catch a single fish, nor get a single bite at any of the locations. Continue reading »

Mar 152010

Editor’s Note: With deadline day nearing an end, the Frugal Fisherman frantically appeared at NoC headquarters brandishing a hastily scribbled note, several pictures that were beaten up and still dripping mud, and a cd in a jewel case with the words KY PICTURES scrawled on it. Before we could open our mouths to query him, he had vanished.

We here pass on–unedited–the first, coherent, portion of the Fisherman’s note, before it veered off into deranged lunatic conspiracies about fish, fowl, early March water temperatures and NCAA Tournament brackets:

“I had planned to regale you with stories of largemouth bass and flathead catfish from this past weekend’s fishing and camping trip. But alas I didn’t catch a thing on the nearly 20 miles of Kentucky River between Lock 10 in Boonesborough and Lock 9 at Valley View. Continue reading »

Feb 282010

Shootin’ and snaggin’ with the frugal fisherman

It’s that time of year again. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the expectations of a new fishing season. More importantly, water temperatures are starting to climb, and with each added degree of warmth fish are one step closer to pre-spawn stages.

Anyone who’s ever fished understands what pre-spawn brings—likely some of the hottest fishing the season will provide. Species like white and black crappie begin schooling and feeding in earnest in the mouths of creeks and along buried timber situated on the edges of deeper main channels. Largemouth, smallmouth, striped and spotted bass will be on the move, actively feeding in preparation for the spawn. Nearly every species is on the hunt in an effort to bulk up for the coming mating season. That means the average angler is faced with his best opportunity of the season to land the big one. Continue reading »

Feb 132010

Having organized my tackle box two weeks prior, I discovered I was out of several key items needed for this year’s fishing plans. I have no catfish bait, large lead weights or circle hooks. I’m also in need of a new, heavy duty rod and reel. My old model went the way of the dodo when I slammed it into my Scion’s hatchback three years ago.

I’m also out of 1/4 and 3/8 oz. bullet weights, 8 lb. test monofilament and a myriad of other hooks, sinkers and plastics. I need a lot of things, including a new fishing license and trout stamp.

As a kid my grandmother would take me shopping with her on Saturdays. We’d visit Thalhimers (a now defunct southern clothing store), J. C. Penneys and Sears, Roebuck and Co. I was always on my best behavior as she tried on dresses, shoes, hats and scarves. I knew if I didn’t make a fuss, she’d let me run free once we entered Sears. And freedom meant I could spend the thirty minutes or so she needed to shop in the sporting goods section. Continue reading »