May 252011

By Emily Woods

As revolutions and protests have unfolded across the Middle East, I can only imagine that there is among many a mix of excitement and skepticism. Watching the crowds of shouting people, I am thrown back to the time of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. I was only 14 at the time, but I still remember the excitement, the tension, and the fear of the people around me. Plastered in orange, people gathered in the city square, some drawn to the cause, some fearfully following the crowd. Young and old, they shouted together. Police poured into the streets. ATM machines closed across the city. Cash was short and so was patience. No one knew what was going on, but everyone had their opinion and openly shared it. The city, which only a few months earlier had lived in silence and suspicion, was now alive with voice and freedom. The people had risen. Continue reading »