Mar 162011

Filmmakers document regional organizations and events

By Mary Ashley Burton

The main objective behind the Lexington Film League’s annual Doers contest – combining the storytelling power of film with individuals and groups committed to doing good within their communities – makes for such a natural marriage that it may have Lexingtonians wondering why nothing like this existed in Kentucky before last year.

“The Doers Video contest grew out of a desire to have a contest that paired filmmakers with non-profit organizations and have filmmakers tell inspiring stories,” says founder of the Lexington Film League and the Doers Video Contest, Kiley Lane. “The overall goal is to offer an opportunity for filmmakers to actively participate in an LFL event, for the filmmakers to build their portfolios, and to connect filmmakers to their community and the community to their filmmakers.” Continue reading »

Jul 282010

KET to feature local short films

By Ben Allen

On August 1, KET’s Reel Visions: A Spotlight on Kentucky Filmmakers—a new series that showcases the talents of film artists from Kentucky—enters its third season. Each Reel Visions program presents a half-hour collection of some of the best short-films from filmmakers native to or living and working in Kentucky, featuring everything from experimental art films and animations to quirky short stories and off-the-beaten path documentaries.

Filmmakers have the opportunity to have their work viewed across the state—a level of exposure that may have previously been unattainable—while viewers unaccustomed to the world of independent filmmaking get a glimpse into some of the best offerings of film fare in the Commonwealth. Check out the first show of the new season on Wednesday, August 4 at 10:30 P.M. on KETKY and Thursday, August 5 at 10:30 P.M. Continue reading »