Oct 032012

Editor’s note: As we did last election, NoC offered 500 words of space to each of the candidates for the District One seat: incumbent Chris Ford and challenger Marty Clifford. Our preference was that the candidates submit a constituent letter of support. Our goal was to allow two voters to frame thoughtful public arguments for their candidates, which is something that we feel is often left out of elections. NoC received no response from Marty Clifford’s campaign. Below is a letter of support for Chris Ford written by First District resident Thomas Tolliver.

When I moved into my house on East Third Street in 1994, the East End neighborhood was in decline. A functionally obsolete public housing complex gave the neighborhood a bad image. The decrepit and long-closed Lyric Theatre at the neighborhood’s gateway intersection didn’t help. But the East End, like the rest of downtown Lexington, has come a long way since I bought my house 18 years ago. The obsolete housing development is gone, the resurrected Lyric has transformed that gateway intersection and a neighborhood association is in place working to usher in even more improvements.  Continue reading »