Mar 302011

Thursday, March 31

Idiot Glee with the Butchers

Al’s Bar; 601 N. Limestone. 9 P.M.

Those of us actually old enough to remember when cassettes were the primary portable music medium do not look back on that time with fondness. For your ten bucks in the record shop you got crap sound and the promise that one day—maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and when you least expect it—you’d be fishing miles of magnetic tape out of some tiny crevice between your deck’s play head and eject mechanism, praying to the music gods the tape wouldn’t snap, and then snapping it yourself because you got so fed up with the damned thing. Continue reading »

Jul 142010

Photo: Guy Mendes

By Derek Brown

Thursday July 22nd

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore w/ Yim Yames.

The Lexington Opera House. 401 W Short Street. $25. 8 P.M. All ages.

In Kentucky few topics are as fiercely debated as the future of coal.  Lexington native Ben Sollee decided to use to the power of music to shine a light on this divisive issue for the rest of America to see.

Outraged by the destructive effects of surface mining in the eastern portion of his home state, Sollee organized a collection of local musicians to spread awareness on the controversial practice of Mountaintop Removal (MTR) in Appalachia. All artist royalties from Sollee’s latest album, Dear Companion, are being donated to Appalachian Voices, an environmental organization dedicated to combatting irresponsible strip mining practices in the eastern United States. Continue reading »