Aug 122013

Yet another Creatives for Common Sense position paper

Everybody loves a good parade. With their endless public dioramas of who-knows-what processing down the line, parades are open-access patchwork showcases of our livesand we love them for it.

Taiwanese American Association of Central Kentucky parademembers awaittheir place in line at the Fourth of July Parade, Lexington, KY. Photo by Danny Mayer.

Taiwanese American Association of Central Kentucky parademembers awaittheir place in line at the Fourth of July Parade, Lexington, KY. Photo by Danny Mayer.

Big bands march. Young Republicans, old Democrats, ethnic societies, and the proletariat hike. Beauty queens, fire and police brigades, pug clubs, bikers and boxers, equestrians, the occasional unicycle, and Jerry Moody ride. And the rest of us cheer, standing firm in loose rows upon sidewalks, under building facades, along friends porches, evincing a rag-tag patchwork spectacle of our own, because somewhere in the procession of strange happy fellows travelling together in packs with their banners, and probably at several points, we see ourselves–or we see reflections of our neighbors, our mascots, our dreams, and ideals.

We Creatives for Common Sense (CfCS) call upon Fayette Urban County Government to build upon this common love of the public procession and to create a positive parade environment by dividing the county into eight designated Parade Eruption Zones (PEZ). Each PEZ should be criss-crossed by a series of parade routes that showcase county neighbourhoods, parks, and commercial zones appearing within it, with each zone anchored by a PEZ Station, a central public space into which various parades may choose to culminate. (In keeping with Commonwealth practice, PEZ Stations by law must lie within one hour amble of all able-bodied residents residing therein, or within two hours horse trot for individuals located far out on the rural PEZ). Continue reading »

Mar 062013

A Creatives for Common Sense position paper

Illustration by Christopher Epling.

Illustration by Christopher Epling.

Writing in the February 22 Lexington Herald Leader, columnist Tom Eblen called attention to the clunky Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) moniker employed since the 1970s merger of the city and county. “[D]epending on how you say it,” Tom observes of the abbreviated term, it “sounds either like alphabet soup or an obscenity…How did the government of such a beautiful place end up with such a bureaucratic name?” (What about L-Fudge, Tom? This seems a plausible rendering of the LFUCG term, one that is relatively un-bureaucratic and wonderfully tasty. But we digress…)

In the article and in another follow-up piece, Tom suggests that LFUCG  dump the the FUCG  part (the Fudge, or perhaps the FUCK-G or the Fuckage, depending on pronunciation). In its place, Tom suggests a focus on the “L”: we should refer to our home  simply as “Lexington,” or following former mayor Foster Pettit’s suggestion, the “Community of Lexington.”

As it so happens, the Creatives for Common Sense (CfCS) have been studying this very issue. Over the past two years, the group has been identifying the potential brand opportunities and pitfalls of the term “Lexington” while also seeking out new local-first brand identities. Based on our own studies, we agree with Lexington Forum president Winn Stephens, cited in Tom’s follow-up article, that “[n]obody with any marketing or public relations savvy would come up with a moniker like LFUCG.” Continue reading »

Oct 032012

Another Creative for Common Sense position paper.

Two recent downtown traffic developments have piqued the curiousity of we Creatives for Common Sense. First has been the admission by Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Jeff Fugate that creating a vibrant and workable downtown–and not the specific creation of two-way streets–should be the primary goal of any city project. Second has been the recent “modest proposal” for downtown traffic realignment proffered by NoC writer David Shattuck.

Accordingly, we Creatives endeavored to create our own downtown traffic model, one that embraces Fugate’s desire for a workable and holistic downtown, and one that eschews Shattuck’s plans for minor “holistic medicine” in favor of performing radical surgery on our downtown traffic arteries. Continue reading »

Jun 062012

Fayette Urban Countiers unite!

A Creatives for Common Sense position paper

The city now known as Lexington, KY, is built of the dust of a dead metropolis.”
—George Washington Ranck, History of Lexington Kentucky: Its early annals and recent progress (1872)

The Lexington brand is dead, its meaning long since blown on Entertainment and Bourbon districts, Rupp Arenas and Horse Parks. Lexington is the home of land barons and great compromisers, slave markets and horse markets. Its public statues enshrine regressive losers who, during a centuries-old civil war, skulked hardscrabble Bluegrass farmers out of meanness, and the preservation of slavery. Its signature sport team’s most signature sports moment (UK v. Texas Western) stands 40 years later as a defining symbol of the racist, defeated, loser all-white aspirations held by many in the country who fought viciously against the Civil Rights movement. Continue reading »

Apr 042012

A Creatives for Common Sense position paper

The re-legalization of horse slaughter houses within the United States presents a wonderful regional opportunity for public/private partnerships. Fayette Urban County should capitalize on its brand image as the horse capital of the world and create a new publicly elected office, the Fayette Urban County Knacker (FUCK), to manage the slaughter of the region’s horses. Not only will this provide local oversight in dealing with the very real problem of abandoned, sick, and/or dying horses (a potential brand killer), but if handled correctly, a knacker could also unlock an entirely untapped commercial market—the post-mortem market—with great potential to provide new revenue streams for a struggling equine industry.

With this in mind, Creatives for Common Sense calls upon the city and its leaders to create a position of Fayette Urban County Knacker. The ideal FUCK candidate should be proficient in, or willing to learn, a zesty variety of techniques, dispositions and orientations. These include skills related to: Continue reading »