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Jan 192011

We neglected to attribute the image accompanying Captain Comannokers’ article “Riding with your ears” (December 8, 2010). The artist responsible for the drawing was Noah Adler. (Noah’s done all of the drawings for the Captian’s transportation column, Out on the streets, that’s where we’ll meet.)

In “Looking backward: undergraduate education” (December 8, 2010), a math error suggested incorrectly that the percentage of out-of-state undergraduates at UK during the 1990s was “around 85%.” The correct percentage of out-of-state students during this time was 15%.

In Bruce Burris’ article “Tomb of the unknowns” (December 8, 2010), a photo of Phil Tkacz was incorrectly identified as a photo taken by him. The correct attribution should read: “Phil Tkacz in ESH cemetery with grid showing where 4,000 bodies were reburied. Photo by Bruce Burris. “

Nov 102010

The caption appearing on page 2 for “Safe to Pee” (Oct 27) should read: Uni-sex bathroom at Third Street Stuff. Photo credit goes to Danny Mayer.

In “Public library, Main Branch, Phoenix Park” (Oct 27), the Atlanta Olympics are mis-identified as taking place in 2004. In fact, the Atlanta summer Olympics took place in 1996.

In “Crazy Mary’s Whiskey Run” (Oct 13), a copy-edit error misidentified Angie “Bonegirl” Buettner’s as a Vespa celebrity. The original draft identified Bonegirl more accurately as a “scooter” celebrity, which she certainly is. Bonegirl is sponsored by the American company Genuine.

In “WEG at pedestrian speed” (Oct 13), Wayne Music of the Boot Store was incorrectly identified as hailing from Lexington. The Boot Store is in fact a Nicholasville, KY store.

Jul 282010

We’d like to apologize for an incorrect photo credit in our last issue. The front page photo of the S.E.E.D.S. entrepreneurs was taken (and generously shared) by Thad Salmon. Sorry, Thad.

Jul 142010

Happy new reader!

I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with your newspaper. I had only it browsed it occasionally at the [Chevy Chase] laundromat, but finally sat down and fully read your June 23 edition. Without a doubt, I learned more interesting and relevant information from that edition alone than I have from YEARS of reading the Herald-Leader.

I particularly enjoyed the technical and geographic information on the Ky. River’s locks and dams, and your scathingly accurate description of the new COLT “trolleys” as a yuppie toy that ignores the people who need buses most. Also, your 4-part series on the 40th anniversary of the Kent State massacre and ensuing protests at UK deserves a Pulitzer Prize, if only for its attention to a topic that is annually censored by other media and likely unknown to today’s UK students. Continue reading »