Apr 042012

Bike polo tourney, April 27-29

By Sunny Montgomery

It was a warm and particularly windy afternoon when I attended my first bike polo practice, arriving at Coolavin Park as the pickup games were already underway.  A dozen or so players and two large dogs hurried back and forth across the old tennis courts.  The dogs, unfortunately, did not play polo.  Instead, they barked raucously at the young children who’d wandered over from the playground, in part to tease the dogs but also to watch the players circling the court on their bicycles, chasing a small ball with their homemade mallets.  Occasionally, a player would cruise past where I sat taking notes and whack their mallet up against the chain link fence.

Within just a few minutes, I witnessed my first collision.  The player toppled sideways off his seat then struggled to climb back on while still holding onto his groin.  Continue reading »

Mar 162011

Will of the people decides championship

NoC Sports

Coolavin Park

Chicago Rob connected on back-to-back slapshots in the seventh minute to lead team Lou-Rob to the championship of the Lexington Bike Polo Spring Break 2v2 Tournament last Sunday. Lou-Rob bested a 33 team field of pasty white bikers on parole from cities all over the greater midwest and northeast.

Although it apparently fell beneath the cracks of the KSR staff holed up in Atlanta covering the Cats game, the 2v2 had drawn minor regional publicity for becoming the first openly collectivist tournament in Kentucky sports history. The invitation read: “Teams will be selected randomly and any obviously overpowered teams will be split up, a bit of polo socialism to ensure lively, balanced play.” Continue reading »

Nov 102010

Bike Polo tourney attracts mallet-wielding bikers

NoC Sports

Though it’s received far less funding and fanfare from the city and its residents than its more effete equine counterpart WEG, after many months of volunteer labor and support the inaugural Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament is set to take place this weekend (November 13-14) at uptown Lexington’s picturesque Coolavin Park.

Beginning Friday, bikers from throughout the eastern and central United States will begin descending upon the “Bike Polo Capital of the State (and Tennessee)” in full-throttle alcoholic preparations for the two day Midwest Open Tournament set to open the following day. In 48 teams of three, bikers will be competing for the right to claim the prestigious Rudy Cup, named after a strategic ally in the city’s Parks and Rec division. Continue reading »

Jul 282010

Jared Baize pounds Chris Simpson's rims into the dirt while Mike Rozzi looks on.

Danny Mayer

“Huffine factor” key to championship ride

By Danny Mayer

Coolavin Park

After a series of crushing tournament defeats, including a second place finish here at the BG State Games this time last year, Chris Simpson can finally silence his critics and add a tournament championship to his growing bike polo resume. Simpson and his Bourbonic Plague teammates Nick Redbeard and Henry Huffine outscored and generally out-pedaled the fourteen team polo field gathered in pursuit of last Saturday’s Bluegrass Games State Bike Polo championship.

Things kicked off at 12:22 when players and journalist gathered around BG State Games Commisioner of Bike Polo Brian Turner for roll call and a collective discussion surrounding some finer points of game rules over the double elimination tournament. No T-Boning, no high-sticking, and for godsakes, no striking the ball while using your foot for balance on the court walls, if you can help it. Continue reading »