Apr 042012

CSAs, short for Community Supported Agriculture, grew out of 1960s Japanese and Swiss culture and were transplanted to the United States in the mid-1980s. In a typical CSA, shareholders exchange their upfront monetary investment for a stake in a farm’s seasonal or yearly bounty. As Susan DeMuth has observed, CSAs are places “where consumers interested in safe food and farmers seeking stable markets for their crops [have] joined together in economic partnerships.”

North of Center is offering its own model of community sustained products: a CSJ (Community Sustained Journalism). In buying a share in NoC, your money will help purchase ad space. You can choose to advertise for your favorite businesses or nonprofit, or you can choose to dedicate your share for a space to announce, publicly, a kickass party you’re throwing.

You’ve got choices. Check them out, along with the great swag that accompanies each CSJ choice, below:

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