Jan 032012

Late-night notes from Lexington, KY, the longest continuously running occupation in North America.*

I had a blast last night at Occupy Lex. Had one of the greatest discussions I have had down there when five college students from different universities, home on break, talked to Steven/me for an hour about the reasoning/intent of the Occupy Movement. They were skeptical at first and it felt like we really reached them (except for the marketing major, but hopefully we encouraged him to at least read Adam Smith — rather than accept blindly what his economics professors say he said).

Then there was the outstanding Grandmaster Cadence written/developed by Dakota/Samuel and sung by 7 of us (also Miran/John/Erol/Steve) at the top of our lungs with great humor and love while it rained outside at night (we were in the main tent which is also a marvel of comfort/warmth). Speaking of humor, spirits were high and playfulness was the name of the game.

Thank you, one and all! Solidarity!

Humbly submitted,

Michael Benton

Lex Oc 87/88

*Continuous European conquest and occupation of the entire North American Continent since 1492, excepted.


Dec 312011

Late-submitted notes from Lexington, KY, the longest continuously running occupation in North America.*

“The city now known as Lexington, KY, is built of the dust of a dead metropolis.”
George Washington Ranck, History of Lexington Kentucky: Its early annals and recent progress(1872)

Monday, early

The caravan leaves, late, from Occupy Lexington at 9:48 AM for the Santa Clause press conference in the governor’s office 30 miles away in Capital City. Clause is in town to speak to Governor Beshear over what a recent North Pole press conference cited was “a litany of Christmas-killing coal initiatives that the Kentucky governor endorsed during his first term in office.”

We arrive in time to hear Steve Beshear’s office secretary tell Santa, some of his elves, a few media and Don Pratt that the governor will not be able to meet with them today. He is out of the office, does not carry a cell phone, and is generally and otherwise unavailable to hear what Father Christmas has to say. Undeterred, Santa merrily asks that Beshear receive the gifts of coal and switches he has brought. Continue reading »